Welcome to KIA College.

Our motto is Victory ticket to education & hope for the future.

Scaffolding Students
We place our School as a pillar/ticket to a better education giving hope to all our students for a better and glorious future. Get all your intended education from KIA and make the right step to get credits for high education in the university. if you did not make it to the university or you couldn’t go for the cause of money or any other thing, make your step into university by first doing any of our national courses to get accredited towards your intended university course.

You should understand that KIA does not manufacture courses overnight and claim responsibility over them. All courses offered are either National or International. Therefore, any student intending to proceed into the university straight from KIA should undergo Career guidance to check and verify that the course s/he intends to do in the university corresponds with the National course offered at KIA and that you will be credited towards that course when you get into the university.

Do not proceed to make applications without verifying the above if you wish to proceed to high education. National courses offered are up to level 6 (Diploma) and therefore means that you might just need one more year in the university to achieve your intended level 7 degree or 2 years for your intended honours.

Start your career like a wise person. Do NOT wait to be accepted in the university when you know right out that there is a slim chance of getting there either by virtual of the fact that money of funding is limited or otherwise. Come and get started at KIA.

For those who have not made it through Grade 12 successfully, we offer programmes with Matric equivalence. Please see our career guidance staff for a dual Education streak. Kill two birds with a single stone.

Job Seeking Students

For the students who intend to go into the job marketing immediately after completion. Please note that jobs are a responsibility of the employer and not the colleges of South Africa. At KIA Career Guidance, We can only go as far as giving you the right Career Path towards your dream job. We do receive letters from employers who need students for certain positions of work but at the end of the day, its up to the student to pass the interview.

We Provide you the BEST opportunity to be NATIONALLY recognised as a qualified individual accepted by the Laws of South Africa as well as all the government departments and institution  leaving the private sector with no choice but to accept you and your qualification. The Diplomas and Certificates you get from KIA are provided by the different Qualification Bodies(SETAs) and are nationally aligned by the South African Qualification Authority(SAQA). If the Diploma you get is written KIA, please approach the relevant authority (SAQA) to verify if that is nationally accepted and aligned towards National Credits.

Remember at the end of your qualification at KIA, you become 100% employable in  South Africa. Get your best chance to further your education. The Greens are yours and not even the sky is the limit. Near the gates of heaven is the limit. Enjoy Education in Honesty at KIA.