1.0 Programme Structure

  1. National Certificate (N1; N2 OR N3): Boiler Making
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • NQF Level: N1- N3
  • Certifying Authority: DHET

1.1 Purpose & Rationale of Qualification

This qualification is designed to provide an opportunity for the learner to understand the energy flow, signal flow, block diagrams, manuals and system parameters and requirement profiles required to operate in any industrial mechanical environment.

1.2 Exit Level Outcomes

On completion of this qualification the learner is able to apply practical ad analytical design experience and develop proficiency with mechatronic systems in manufacturing applications and in other technical fields. The qualification will equip the student with design process skills, assembling skills and commissioning for maintaining quality of any mechanical production line and services.

1.3 Course Structure

1st Semester: Level 1

National Certificate (N1):

  • Plating and Structural Steel Drawing
  • Plater’s Theory
  • Mechano
  • Engineering Science
  • Mathematics

1.4 Registration requirements: Grade 10 mathematics